Selecting a roofer 
Upon deciding on a roof replacement, the first thing you should do is to look for trusted roofing contractors around your area. They can give you the best advice on which type of roof is best for your structure. They can get the job done swiftly and with hardly any problems or mishaps in between. Make sure to look for a good contractor from an insured, licensed, and bonded company.

Picking the roofing materials 
Once you have chosen the right contractor to work on your roofing, it is time to decide on the design and materials, which would help you arrive with a realistic budget. There are plenty of roofing materials you can choose from including wood shake, stone slate, metal, and clay tile. The most common material is asphalt shingles.

Eliminating the old roof 
It is necessary to remove the old roofing first before installing a new one. Our roofing contractors can get the job done efficiently. Our work includes taking everything off down to the last plywood, every bit of shingles, and the tar paper.

Inspecting wood for leaks and rotting 
Before installing the new roofing, it is important to inspect the underlying framing for leaks or rotting. Doing so allows us to address these issues first before proceeding with the roof installation. Once all the issues have been fixed, we can perform the installation and give your structure a fresh new roof!

Installing important barriers 
Once the plywood layer has been inspected and fixed to be in good condition, your roofing contractors will put down certain moisture barriers then lay the shingles on the roof. Next, the entire surface of the roof will be covered with an underlayment similar to synthetic felt. They will also place flashing along the seams to prevent leaking. For upgrades, your contractor can add a drip edge and an ice and water shield for additional protection.

Putting down new shingles or other roofing material 
At this point, your roofing contractor is ready to put down your new roofing. To begin, he will place a “starter course” along the rakes and eaves following by installing the rest of the shingles. We make laying the shingles an efficient process as we use chalk lines. Lastly, we secure all the shingles in place and make sure they are attached properly.

Adding the finishing touches 
The roofing installation process is almost done. During this stage, we take care of the finishing details. For example, we place the ridge vents along the peak, so you can have proper ventilation inside your property.

Cleaning up and breaking down 
Once the finishing touches are done, we clean up everything to prevent accidents on your roofing. We make sure to pick up every piece of nail and throw away leftover materials. Once everything is cleaned up, we pack our tools and see our way out.

Roofing installation is a meticulous process that involves numerous steps. It is best to consult with trusted roofing contractors in your area to ensure the proper removal of your old roof and secure installation of fresh new roofing. For the best among roofing companies around, get in touch with us! Our roofers serve in the following locations: Arlington Heights, Deer Park, Hoffman Park, and Prospect Heights.