01 Apr 2022

If you are considering installing a new roof, there’s a wide variety of materials that you can select for this. Check the most used materials for roofing that you can find in Arlington Heights and around communities to help you make the right choice for your space.
There are several kinds of roofing materials on the market and from different manufacturers. The following are the most used by roofers Arlington Heights citizens trust:

  1. Asphalt tiles
  2. Tile
  3. Slate and synthetic slate
  4. Wood

Many people elect roofing materials based on the architectural style of their houses. You won’t like to see a wooden roof in Mediterranean-style houses as an example.

Asphalt Tiles
Asphalt tiles are the most used roofing material in the United States. They are normally cost-effective and can protect your house for about 20 to 30 years by doing the proper maintenance. Most asphalt tiles are resistant to the wind to a determined degree and are medium impact resistant (good to consider for hail seasons) There are also other types of asphalt shingles that are designed to take extra wind and with improved impact resistance.

Tile Roofing Materials
Tiles have been known for a long time in the history of roofing. The very first roof tiles were employed in ancient China. They are pretty reliable and long-lasting, but they are usually more expensive compared to other materials. If you select tile, take into account that concrete is cheaper compared to clay. You normally will see tile roofs (clay or concrete) in Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, Mission-style, and Mediterranean-style houses.

Slate and Synthetic Slate
Slate is a very claimed roofing material but is very heavy and not all houses can bear a slate roof weight. It is also fragile as far, as other materials go, and it’s not cheap. Luckily, synthetic slate is more accessible, resistant, and lightweight compared to slate, which makes it a good alternative. Synthetic slate can withstand heavy-hitting hail, speedy winds, and other environmental-related threats, and it looks as real as the original.

Wood Roofing Materials
According to roofing companies Arlington Heights experts, wood roofing materials for example cedar shakes and tiles, are not as commonly used as they used to be. This is because they don’t offer resistance to fire, and they also need regular maintenance, it is not common to see them in houses. Nevertheless, they are gorgeous and durable and they can help the energy efficiency of your house. A lot of people consider that synthetic options are far better, especially when talking about price and fire resistance.

Are you requiring professional assistance?
If you are ready for a new roofing, our expert roofing Contractors Arlington Heights team can help you decide on the right materials according to your home’s architectural style and your budget. In some cases, it may be better to choose synthetic alternatives compared to natural materials, as they turn out to be more cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting.
You can give us a call at Cezar’s Construction Inc to get all your questions cleared related to roofing materials, including cost and features provided that can be applied to your project. We can also provide a detailed quotation for your roofing so you can make the right decision that fits your needs.