19 Nov 2021

Apart from being considered a very important investment in your residential or commercial infrastructure, the roofing system protects you and the people in your environment from any external threat. If you want your roofing to remain in good condition beyond the usual life span, here at Cezar’s Construction Inc. we provide you with the following tips:

Get Rid of Any Moss or Mold
The presence of algae, moss and mold is responsible for most of the re-roofing work that is done annually, since these elements can deteriorate your ceiling before reaching its usual life span. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean or remove these contaminants long before they grow.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks
If your roof shows evidence of cracking or gaps, call the roofing contractors in your area as soon as possible to prevent leaks from spreading further into your roof, ceiling or walls of your infrastructure. Apart from that, we recommend that you do regular inspections of your roof to ensure its good condition.

Trim Your Trees
We recommend that you do regular landscaping and trimming of trees near your roof, as branches and foliage can cause various roof damage to the point of shortening its life span.

Lighten the Load
If you live in a region where it is very prone to snowfall and ice like the state of Illinois, it is very important that you remove them to avoid deterioration of the roof. For more information, we recommend that you contact the roofers of your choice (in this case, those of Cezar’s Construction Inc.).

Watch for Missing Shingles
If the roof shows loss of shingles in certain areas, make sure to call in a specialist to replace them in their entirety or repair them, as this can leave the roof vulnerable to any damage by foreign objects or by weather to the point of causing more severe damage to infrastructure.

Have your Roof Inspected
It is imperative that you have your roof inspected annually, as this allows it to remain in good condition and even exceed its average useful life. Therefore, try to schedule an inspection as soon as possible with one of the roofing companies in your area.

When it comes to providing the best roofing services to the residents and businesses of the Arlington Heights area, Cezar’s Construction Inc. is the quintessential company! For more information about our services or to request quotes, do not hesitate to contact us through the official communication channels!