02 Aug 2021

Climate change is altering our planet’s ecosystem in rapid, and often unpredictable ways. One major impact has been changes to the water cycle, since precipitation is so highly regulated by temperature. Depending on where you live and the season, climate change has been increasing the chances that we experience both unprecedented heavy rains, and extreme droughts.

Globally, average temperatures are rising at a steady rate, quicker than ever before, which is negatively impacting how water acts on the planet. Hotter temperatures alter water vapor in the air, cloud accumulation, precipitation patterns and even the flow of rivers and streams, which all cause problems for human infrastructure, such as the roofing on your home.

Water & Your Gutters

The water cycle is very important, evaporating water from both land and sea, and releasing back as precipitation, being snow and water, but climate change has been altering the water cycle as we know it. In many regions, as water temperature increases, more evaporation takes place, and is being released in heavier rainfalls, which cause flooding and all kinds of damage to infrastructure. Roofing companies have seen a lot more calls to fix roofing and gutters that have not been able to handle these downpours, making it important for roofing contractors to install reliable and durable gutters that can help effectively direct larger amounts of rain away from your home.

Downspouts & Their Role

These downpours are getting more aggressive, and when your gutters and downspouts are not able to handle this capacity of rain at once, they can cause serious damages to your roofing, yard, and even to the rest of your home through flooding.

Since these unpredictable rainstorms are not expected to go away anytime soon, you should get your local roofers to inspect your current setup and extend the capacity if need be. Our roofing contractors at Cezar’s Construction Inc. keep up to date with new industry standards and recommendations and are ready to help you improve your gutter system to resist these rainstorms and keep your investments and family safe.

Temperature Predictions

In general, most of the U.S. should expect increases in temperature of 2-3 degrees celsius in the next 100 years, though that might not sound like a lot, this will cause drastic changes in weather systems. This increase will be followed by increased precipitation in some regions, many times in these harsh downpours we have mentioned. The 20th century saw a precipitation increase of 5-10% in the U.S., and this trend is expected to continue upwards, and roofing companies need to be prepared to help with this.

On the contrary, the shift in weather systems will also result in hotter and drier droughts in some regions, especially as faster evaporation means that the water doesn’t remain on the landscape as long.

To be prepared for a potential decreased water supply, consider asking your local roofers to help you install rain barrels or other rain collection systems, so you can use that water for chores around the house, and save potable water for drinking and bathing.

If your gutters have not been performing as well as they could be during these rain storms, or you would like to just be more prepared for the future, get in touch with Cezar’s Construction Inc. so our roofing contractors can help you be prepared for anything, saving you from costly rain and flood damage related repairs down the road. Contact our roofers today to see how we can help your roof be prepared for anything that comes your way.