29 Oct 2018
residential roofing types

Picking the perfect type of roofing is an essential part of any home remodel, new construction, or re-roofing process. Every year, it seems like there’s more and more styles and materials to choose from, so let’s take a look at the most popular options and determine the perfect choice for you! One of the newest styles available on the market is engineered rubber or plastic. This new material is extremely versatile, long-lasting, and lightweight, making it great for all kinds of homes. It comes in all kinds of colors and is usually made from recycled materials.

The Classic Residential Roofing Types

When you think of classic roofing, wooden shingles and shake roofing usually comes to mind. This style is historically popular, thanks to its attractive appearance, long lifespan, and easy repair. It is, however, pretty expensive and challenging to install, with a tendency to rot and a susceptibility to fire. Alternatively, slate roofing is another beautiful and fireproof option for those in drier climates. It’s lower maintenance than wood, as well, but it’s even more expensive, heavy, and difficult to install. Tile is another great option for classic homes, sharing many properties with slate, including price, durability, heaviness, and fireproof qualities.

New, Cutting-Edge Roofing Materials and Styles

Metal is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners throughout the country, thanks to its versatility. Its available in all kinds of colors, it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to take care of. Its initial installation, however, is expensive, and can be quite challenging. Composition, or asphalt shingles, are another great option. They come in various colors and are very easy to repair, while also being resistant to fire. The downside is that asphalt doesn’t have the greatest life span and it’s subject to mildew. Flat roofs are good choices too, particularly for homeowners on a budget. They’re inexpensive and easy to repair, although they promote smog.