17 Oct 2022

Sometimes you may need an emergency roof repair. Roofs degrade over time and this is a process that keeps going on consistently, particularly if water is involved. The conclusion to this is that whenever you notice a problem that may damage your property, you probably need an emergency roof repair.
Having said this, there are some major red flags indicating the necessity of calling for a roofing contractor to schedule a repair as soon as possible.

These are the main red flags to be considered as indicators that an emergency roof repair is necessary:

  • The presence of a leak in the roof
  • Find missing or damaged shingles
  • Lifted or failing to flash around chimneys, valleys, wall junctions, and pipe boots

A roofing contractor, by addressing these issues promptly, can help extend the lifespan of your roof while saving you the cost of a roof replacement.
Let’s just further analyze the red flags we mentioned and learn why they warrant an emergency roof repair.

Leaks in Your Roof

Over time, leaks can only get worse. Although you get to see only a small portion of it, water damage can be significant. Water can seep into your walls, damaging your insulation and the boards that hold your home together, causing damage you’d only be aware of when it’s late. Water can cause wood to rot and soak through your drywall, causing total roof failure.

Therefore, should you notice a leak or symptoms of a leak, it’s mandatory to call a roofing company for immediate roof repair.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles that are missing or broken might create a way for water to enter your house. Because moisture can harm the structure of your home, your roof needs to be watertight. Water and other roofing materials don’t mix well. Water can facilitate the formation of mold and mildew in addition to active leaks, which can let water into your home through your walls or ceilings. Any missing, cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged shingles need to be promptly repaired or changed since mold and mildew can both lead to major health issues for your property.

Lifted or Failing Flashing

Flashing is a thin layer that keeps water away from important parts of your roof. It is typically made of galvanized steel, but it can also be constructed of other metals or materials. Where the roof plane meets a vertical surface, such as walls or dormers, is where you’ll see it. Additionally, it is put around roof features including skylights, chimneys, and vents.

For it to be efficient, it has to be intact. Its function is to guide water away from these areas. Should your flashing be damaged, rusted, or otherwise appears to be deteriorating, it would need to call a specialized company such as Cezar’s Construction Inc. for an emergency repair to prevent it from allowing water to enter your property and cause further damage.

Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair?

It’s a real emergency if your roof is allowing water to enter. At Cezar’s Construction Inc., we work with professional roofing contractors that will be able to provide a free roof assessment. Our inspector will identify any damage and offer you fixes to prevent your roof from collapsing completely.